How are students in my state performing academically? How many students are graduating high school and going on to college? In most states, you’ll find the answers to these (and other) important questions on the state report card. But in some states, you won’t.

Everyone – from parents and educators to community members and policymakers – deserves information about how students are doing in school. Based on a recent analysis by the Data Quality Campaign, it’s been far too long since some states – like Colorado, Montana, Utah and Vermont – have updated the report cards they post on their websites. And by far too long, we mean years.

We’re calling on the states below (and others, including Alabama, California, Kansas, and New Hampshire) to do better for their students. Parents and community members need up-to-date information about how their students are performing and how their schools are functioning. It’s time that states shared this vital information with the public.

Don’t believe us? Click on a state below to see just how long it’s been since that state has updated their state report card – and how out of date the information is that they’re providing to their parents and community members.

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