Parents, educators, and policymakers in Montana are missing years of information about how students are performing across the state.  Is student achievement in the state on the rise? Declining? If you’re looking for answers you’ll be hard pressed to find them.

According to the Data Quality Campaign, if you search online you won’t find information that is more up to date than the 2012-2013 school year.

That means Montana parents have been left in the dark for:

Back when Montana last posted their data:

Pharrell’s song “Happy” hadn’t yet been released…


Prince George was just 3 months old…


Michael Phelps had only won 14 of his 23 Olympic gold medals…


And the kids who were freshmen in high school the year the data was last collected have already graduated…


…Or have they? Hard to know without any data!

So it’s safe to say, it’s been a while since Montana last posted their score report.

State score reports paint a picture of student achievement and provide valuable information to parents and educators. Policymakers have an opportunity in the Every Student Succeeds Act to provide information that better meets families’ needs. States are making progress by setting expectations high and holding schools accountable, and parents should insist that the state is honest and transparent about how their children’s schools are performing.  Parents have a right to know, and school won’t improve until they get the full picture!

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