Assessment HQ

We all know that every year students around the country gear up to take their state assessment. Students perform their very best and educators, policymakers, and parents wait patiently to see the results. A lot of data is gathered from K-12 assessments, but have you ever wondered what story that data tells? What trends are highlighted within states? Or how certain groups of students are performing?

We decided to dedicate the past few months to finding answers to these questions. Now, we’re excited to announce that we just launched Assessment, a unique online platform that takes the guesswork and risk of misinformation out of understanding state annual assessments by providing transparency on student proficiency and state testing decisions.

For the first time, student proficiency data for more than half of states in grades 3-8 will be publicly available online, and in one location, for anyone to view and use.

Assessment HQ highlights state-reported student performance results in mathematics and English language arts (ELA) by student demographics and allows users to see trends in individual states and observe the performance of student groups, like African American and Hispanic students.

Our goal is to provide greater transparency of student performance data to help ensure that schools are preparing students for college and career.

While annual assessments can always be improved, they are one of the best tools we currently have to provide an honest check on states to ensure that the decisions and policies impacting young people are grounded in evidence and real results.

We encourage you to check out Assessment HQ.

Visit the Assessment HQ to learn more.