home-slide-military-familiesEducation has a critical influence on our military and their families, as well as on national security. Due to a history of inconsistent academic standards in states across the country, a concerning number of students are graduating from high school unable to meet the academic requirements to join the military.

Additionally, members of the Armed Forces and their families see the effects of these inconsistent standards more often than their peers, moving 6 to 9 times during a student’s academic career.

When they move, military-connected students often find themselves far behind their peers in certain subjects or sitting through content over again. Military-connected students deserve high, consistent standards wherever their family’s military service takes them.

That’s why we partnered with military families around the country to launch Military Families for High Standards. Visit the project site to learn more: http://militaryfamiliesforhighstandards.org.

The Connection between K-12 Education Standards and the Military-Base Economy

ArmyGoesToSchool_CoverImageA report by the Stimson Center, an internationally-recognized Washington, D.C.-based think tank, put a stake in the ground about the military, and local communities should be concerned about the quality of local schools. The June 2015 study, The Army Goes to School: The Connection between K-12 Education Standards and the Military-Base Economy, found that the quality of education available to soldiers’ children could be a retention issue for the Army.

Check out coverage of the Stimson Center report:

– Military Times: “Poor Quality of Schools Could Cost Military Communities

Daily Caller: “New Report Finds that School Standard Might Impact Military Base Closures

– Fayetteville Observer: “New Report: Education Standards Could Impact Future Army Cuts




Watch list

Major General Spider Marks gives powerful testimony as to why military families deserve consistent, high-quality education standards in this Collaborative for Student Success video.


Military families support Common Core. Listen to Maj. Gen. Bennie Williams talk about some of the reasons why.


Father and U.S. Military Veteran Shane Cockrell shares his thoughts on Common Core in this Expect More OK video.


Reading List


The Virginian Pilot: The educational sacrifice made by the military’s kids”
Children of military families make a huge sacrifice by frequently moving between schools, writes Patti Hunzeker of Military Families for High Standards. “Our family moved 16 times and our children were educated in 11 different school districts…Often I found myself tutoring a child because he or she hadn’t been exposed to a curriculum required for that state.”

U.S. News & World Report: “Military Families Need Common Core
“One of the lessons quickly learned by U.S. military service members is that you move. And move often. On average, a service member moves every two to three years. For those with a family, this can mean six to nine different schools at as many bases during a child’s elementary and high school years…” (continue reading here)

St Louis Post Dispatch: “How to keep the Army in Missouri: Improve the schools
“If local communities want to hedge against future troop cuts in our area, they should pay very close attention to the quality of schools in and around military installations, because the Army certainly is…” (continue reading here)

Daily Caller: “Common Core’s High Standards, Accountability Matter to Military Families by Spider Marks
“Most people consider education reform a domestic policy issue. Far fewer recognize the critical impact education has on national security preparedness and those asked to guarantee it: our military and their families…”(continue reading here)



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