The West Virginia legislature has been debating a bill to repeal the state’s academic content standards and high-quality aligned assessment. While the proposed HB 4014 was amended in committee, legislators still hope to change the bill so that it forces the state to immediately return to the outdated standards it hasn’t used since 2010, develop a new set of standards on a rushed timeline for implementation next year, and mandate that the Department of Education procure a new statewide assessment.

If this legislation goes through, it would cost the state millions of dollars in terms of a new test, new curricular materials and new professional development for the state’s teachers.

It would also mean WV’s students and teachers could be using three different sets of standards in as many years, causing undue chaos and confusion in the classroom, just so that legislators can achieve a political victory.

Contact your legislators and tell them our students and schools can’t afford HB 4014.

Want to learn more? Below are some important local opinions on this issue:

Teacher opinions:


A high-school teacher in West Virginia, writes disagreements between the state Legislature and the state Board of Education over education standards “will cause massive casualties among teachers and students.” Zingg adds, “Through HB 4014, the Legislature is asking us to go the wrong direction…Now is not the time for the Legislature to walk away from higher academic goals for our students.” Continue reading here.


West Virginia’s 2013 Teacher of the Year, Michael Funkhouser, writes that “repealing academic standards is bad déjà vu.”  Funkhouser  laments that “once again, state lawmakers are pursuing a reckless path that will create chaos in classrooms and set students back in their education.” Continue reading here.

Editorial Board Opinions


On January 20th Charleston Gazette-Mail’s Editorial Board explained why this legislation would create a huge disruption to the classroom. Read their take here.


Similarly, on February 14th, the Register Herald called for West Virginia state legislators to “stop playing politics and let the [the State Board of Education and educators] do their jobs.” Read their take here.