5 reasons annual state assessments are valuable

High standards in their schools are part of the solution, but having high-quality assessments to measure and assess their achievement year by year are equally important.

It’s true that some schools and districts administer too many assessments to students, and it’s a problem that should be addressed at the local level, to see which tests are really needed. But as the New York Times Editorial Board points out: These Common-Core aligned annual assessments are not the ones to be opting out of.

Still not sure how you feel about assessments? Here are 5 reasons why these annual state tests are important.

1. These new assessments make it easier to see that students are on track to be ready for success in college, careers, and beyond!



2. They give valuable information so parents and teachers know which areas kids might need a little extra support.



3. Colleges are starting to use these high-quality assessments to see if students need to take remedial courses (another reason why it’s valuable and cost-saving to students to use the assessments to identify and address any academic issues before they leave high school).




4. They give local and state policymakers information about schools overall performance and which schools need extra resources.



5. They help schools secure crucial federal funds to support your child’s school, including special education and after school programs.



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