Alaska’s Legislature Doesn’t Seem to Know They Don’t Have Common Core…

The Alaska legislature has approved legislation that would allow parents to refuse student participation in assessments and “give parents a powerful tool to push back again Common Core.”

Well – let’s start by pointing out that Alaska does not have the Common Core State Standards – nor have they ever.


Legislators are merely using the cover of “big bad Common Core” name to promote policies that are bad for children.


The move to do so is dangerous, disingenuous, and frankly absurd.

When it comes to participation in assessments goes – yes, parents should have the right to determine what is best for their students. And that means deciding whether their students benefits from taking school assessments. That said, pulling students out of state assessments (that are no longer simply fill-in-the-bubble and ask students to think critically about what they’ve learned) is a bad idea – it robs parents and teachers of valuable information about how students are performing academically, and how they can improve.

Here’s a helpful list of reasons why state assessments are valuable.