Common Core Misinformation Continues – with Communism

In an interview with TruNews, Chaplain Ray Moore claims Common Core State Standards’ “true agenda” is to “promote communism.” “It’s collectivism, globalism,” Moore says, which is meant to dumb-down students so they will only be able to perform menial jobs.” “It’s a dark agenda.”

The so-called “dark agenda” better describes opponents’ campaigns to mischaracterize Common Core State Standards. Critics have smeared the Common Core as an instrument for Islamic indoctrination, a way to impose political and religious beliefs on students and a plot to turn students gay—among other outrageous claims.

None of these are true. To Moore’s claim that Common Core State Standards promote communism, objective analysis has repeatedly rejected such claims outright. A 2013 PolitiFact evaluation gave a “Pants on Fire” rating to claims Common Core’s goal is to “instill federally determined attitudes and mindsets in students including political and religious beliefs.”

Former U.S. Education Secretary Bill Bennett puts such claims in perspective: “Lies, myths, exaggerations and hysteria about what the Common Core means and does have dominated the ‘debate’ and the real issues have been obscured…As is often the case, sensational, even if false, news stories attract far more attention than nuanced policy debates…It is time for integrity and truth in this debate.”