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Every Kid is a Math Kid: One Leader’s Mission to Make Math Accessible for All Students

Join host Jim Cowen and guest Shalinee Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Zearn, as they ask what it will take to make math instruction accessible and engaging for all kids. With performance in Algebra being one of the most predictive indicators of a student’s success in careers and life, says Sharma, now is the time to reimagine the nation’s relationship with math.

About the Collaborative for Student Success

At our core, we believe leaders at all levels have a role to play in ensuring success for K-12 students. From ensuring schools and teachers are equipped with the best materials to spotlighting the innovative and bold ways federal recovery dollars are being used to drive needed changes, the Collaborative for Student Success aims to inform and amplify policies making a difference for students and families.

To recover from the most disruptive event in the history of American public schools, states and districts are leveraging unprecedented resources to make sure classrooms are safe for learning, providing students and teachers with the high-quality instructional materials they deserve, and are rethinking how best to measure learning so supports are targeted where they’re needed most. 

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