Expert Advice for Missouri on Its Education Plan

July 18, 2018

Missouri is developing a new plan to improve education across the state. The state’s vision will address ideas for how to better identify and support struggling schools and districts, how to close the state’s achievement gap, and much more.

It’s really a great opportunity for Missouri because the state can craft a plan that’s bold, innovative, and relevant to Missouri’s students, Missouri’s teachers and Missouri’s schools – not top-down one-size-fits-all goals dictated by Washington.

The choices Missouri makes in developing this new plan can help propel education forward in the state.

This is great news – but it also means that Missouri leaders need to make sure they put together a strong plan that will help advance educational opportunities for all students.

Education leaders and policymakers in Missouri are currently drafting a plan, which they will submit to the U.S. Department of Education by September 18.

Luckily for Missouri, 17 states have already submitted their own plans back in April – and experts from both sides of the aisle have given thorough feedback. That means that Missouri is in an ideal position to craft a plan that works for Missouri — but also look at what experts think are best practices from examples that already exist.

Now, we need to make sure that Missouri’s policymakers know about these great resources.

Missouri kids are smart. Missouri teachers are ready. But we need to be active citizens and speak up in order to make Missouri a leader in education.

Visit to see best practices from submitted ESSA plans!



Adam Ezring is the Director of Policy at the Collaborative for Student Success.