Hidden Camera Footage Offensive to Supporters of Common Core

Washington, DC – Blair Mann, Director of Media Relations for The Collaborative for Student Success released the following statement on January 12th, 2016 after a conservative activist released secretly recorded video of individuals in the sales and education professions denigrating children and Common Core State Standards:

“Like many other organizations committed to raising education standards, we are appalled by the crude and cynical comments purportedly made by an educator and a salesperson for a major textbook publisher. The comments are particularly offensive because they involve the education of kids.

“While there are bad actors in every profession, it would be wrong and irresponsible to suggest that a few isolated incidents are representative of the tens of thousands of dedicated teachers and educators who support high academic standards and devote themselves daily to ensuring kids are prepared for success after high school.

“Still this incident, however isolated it may be, underscores the importance of states and local school districts exercising fully their local control over decisions involving books and curriculum. Common Core Standards are state-initiated, state-created, state-adopted and completely voluntary K-12 standards in math and English that are comparable across state lines. And while these education goals allow parents to compare student progress, they do not put any entity – including textbook publishers or the federal government – in charge of local decision making.”

Blair Mann
Director of Media Relations
Collaborative for Student Success