Month of the Military Child: High, Consistent State Standards Make All The Difference

April marks the Month of the Military Child to raise awareness of the challenges facing military-connected children. Military children move, on average, 6-9 times during their K-12 career – to new schools, new states, and new countries. With all the change that come with moving from place to place, high, consistent state standards can make all the difference in military-connected kids’ education experience.

When states’ academic standards set different learning expectations, students moving from one state to another could find themselves far behind or – at the other end – repeating content they already learned. Moving schools is daunting enough for many kids, but to not know whether you’ll be ahead, or behind, at your next school because your new school in in a state with different standards adds additional unnecessary challenges.

Christi Ham, a military spouse for many decades, explains why high, consistent standards are a necessity for military families like hers.

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) understands these challenges, which is why they have adopted high, consistent standards that align with a majority of states’ standards.

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