No, Common Core Does Not Cause ‘Sexualization’ of Students

Texas State Senator Bob Hall claims Common Core State Standards indoctrinate students into “a liberal mind-set that includes the sexualization of students,” the Dallas Morning News reports. In an email to constituents, Sen. Hall alleges the Common Core teaches “homosexuality is normal behavior,” acceptance of “liberal immigration policy” and “the breakdown of family.”

Hall’s claims are as untrue as they are outrageous – and if his claims weren’t absurd enough on their own – Hall’s home state of Texas has never adopted or used the Common Core. Objective analyses have rejected out of hand allegations that Common Core State Standards seek to instill certain beliefs or ideologies on students.

A 2013 PolitiFact analysis gives a “Pants on Fire” rating to claims that Common Core State Standards seek to impose political or religious beliefs on students. “The standards were created…to better prepare students for college and careers,” the report states. “That’s a far cry from attempting to instill particular religious or political beliefs.”

Another PolitiFact evaluation considered a claim that assessments aligned to Common Core State Standards push students to become “as homosexual as they possibly can.” It also gave this claim a “Pants on Fire” rating. “We found no evidence…the testing process will involve recruiting students to become gay,” it concludes.

Baseless accusations like Halls’ are not only misinformed, they impede constructive discussion about the value of rigorous, consistent education standards. Last year former U.S. Education Secretary Bill Bennett identified the “scurrilous” purpose behind such claims:

“These myths and lies spread throughout the media like wildfire, and opponents of the Common Core know they can fan the flames of opposition far more effectively with these sensational and scurrilous accusations rather than engaging in an honest, intellectual policy debate.”

You can also read the Common Core standards for yourself: