Parents and Common Core Math

Parents around the country have expressed trepidation about new math instruction they don’t recognize and rightful concern that they are unable to help their children with their homework. But, some parents have come to the realization that they want their children to be better and more confident at math than they were as students.

In a recent televised interview, award-winning journalist Campbell Brown expressed the sentiment shared by many parents. She stated, “if we are trying to bring our kids up to the next level…shouldn’t we be challenging them, and be willing to allow our education system to evolve and get better even if [we] don’t understand how to do that math problem.”

Math education today is designed to help all children, regardless of their background, develop a stronger understanding of math, so they are prepared for college-level coursework and, if they choose, advanced careers in Science, Technology, and Engineering – all of which begin with a deep understanding of mathematics.

Recent research shows that highly math-anxious parents negatively affect their own child’s math learning experience. But math doesn’t have to be too scary or challenging for your child. The additional methods used in classrooms today have been designed to help children understand math in a more comprehensive way and there are a host of new, free resources to assist parents who might be anxious about helping with math homework.

Want to learn more about some math approaches being used today? This teacher explains it really well.

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