Read Across America Day

RAAD“It is better to know how to learn than to know”

As we celebrate Read Across America Day, it’s almost impossible to do so without thinking about Dr. Seuss.

If we’ve learned anything from Dr. Seuss, it’s that creativity and imagination play a vital role in helping students fall in love with reading!

Did you know, 21 State Teachers of the Year agree that high standards help give teachers greater flexibility and guidance in the classroom – including when it comes to choosing what fiction and non-fiction texts to choose to teach– while still maintaining their autonomy?

This is great because you know every teacher and every student has personal favorites that inspire them!

See Arizona elementary school teacher Dayna Burke share her favorite imagination-filled texts to teach her students below!

And click here to see the whole video to learn more about why high standards don’t get in the way of teachers teaching their favorite texts!