Score Reports: Empowering Parents and Families with Information

ScoreReportChecklist_1200X1200_v2As summer winds down, parents across the country are learning how their children performed last year on tests aligned to their state’s academic standards. End of year tests are just one measure and should be used in combination with report cards, teacher feedback, and classroom work to create a complete picture of a student’s progress in school. And while the way that student performance is communicated to parents continues to change and improve, one thing is clear—the new reports provide a valuable resource for parents.

Far from providing just an arbitrary data point, score reports now show parents at what level their child achieved and importantly, what each level means. Score reports also contain a number of key changes from reports of the past, including year-by-year score comparisons and detailed information on school, district, and state averages. They make it easier for parents to identify where their child is and where their child may need more help.

Are these reports perfect? Of course not.

Score reporting is still a work in progress. But as administrators continue to receive feedback from parents about what works and what doesn’t, the way that student performance is communicated to parents will only continue to improve.

Check out the links below to learn more about score reports as well as the resources for parents that are free and available right now.