Statement from Collaborative for Student Success on Donald Trump’s Education Remarks

Collaborative for Student Success Executive Director Jim Cowen released the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s education “policy” remarks that get the facts wrong on high academic standards:

“Donald Trump fundamentally misunderstands the Common Core. He apparently doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that when he calls for equity in education, access, affordability and accountability to the system is exactly what the Common Core has done in states that have stuck with it since voluntarily adopting it. The President cannot overturn actions individually taken by more than 40 states. Similarly, we assume he is unaware that Congress passed and the President signed a new law which permanently returns control over academic standards to the states.

In the end, his clamor about ending the Common Core is both obsolete and irrelevant. The standards succeeded in raising the bar in nearly every state in the country. Now parents, students and teachers are focused on meeting these new goals to better become college- and career-ready.”