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Common Core and College Preparedness Go Hand in Hand

A recent article published by the Heartland Institute, claims that Common Core has led to a decrease in college readiness and that Common Core is “dumbing-down these colleges.” The article touts a college entrance exam that boasts being “non-Common Core.” This is a misleading claim that actually misses the point of Common Core. Common Core...

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Setting the Record Straight on Common Core and Algebra I

Recently parents and education columnists have raised concerns that Common Core State Standards’ call for “general” eighth-grade math classes instead of Algebra I will “restrain” the ambitions of students who want to reach the highest levels of high-school math. The change is “inscrutable,” Jay Mathews wrote in the Washington Post this week. Tom Loveless of...

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Common Core Prepares Students for Success in Math

For many students, “math is often an impenetrable barrier to academic success,” and requiring them to reach high-levels like Algebra II—as Common Core State Standards do—“drives dropouts at both the high school and college levels,” argues Dana Goldstein, an education author, in an opinion piece published by Slate. Goldstein cites fellow author Andrew Hacker, who...

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