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Success is Trending in Washington, DC

While the government may have been shut down over the past few weeks, the strong performance by students in Washington, DC on the most recent administration of annual assessments proves that schools are very much open for business. Several years ago, Washington, DC adopted higher academic standards to help prepare students for success in college...

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4 Annual Assessments Facts You Need To Know

On May 22, 2017 Jim Cowen, Executive Director of the Collaborative for Student Success, released the following memo on annual assessments. Every spring, students in grades 3-8 take a statewide annual assessment—and then they take one more sometime during their high school years. When aligned to a state’s high academic standards, these tests are one of...

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New Jersey Students Are Rising to the Challenge of PARCC Assessments

  Eileen Cartwright, a resident of Marlboro, New Jersey, recently wrote to the Asbury Park Press encouraging New Jersey legislators to dump its PARCC assessments.  Cartwright argues that these high-quality assessments don’t “reflect what the current [New Jersey] curriculum contains” and that passing the PARCC test is not an adequate means to measure a student’s...

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Going Back to Old Tests Won’t Improve States’ Accountability Systems

States’ accountability systems are broken because “leaders from every quadrant” have failed to incorporate parents’ and communities’ concerns, writes Eric Mason, Colorado Springs School District 11 Director of Assessments, on Chalkbeat Colorado. “We have arrived here because leaders should have asked what their stakeholders wanted and needed. Instead, tests have just gotten longer and more...

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