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Common Core States Dropping Like Flies? Not So Fast.

Since adopting higher academic standards, many states have reviewed their learning goals, and made adjustments to customize them to meet their state’s individual needs. Unfortunately, this has left some confused about whether the states are sticking with Common Core or leaving it behind. The fact is, most states (45 to be exact), the District of...

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Missouri’s New Education Standards Refine and Build on the Common Core Framework

Missouri’s development of new education standards to “replace” the Common Core was a “farce” and a “half-baked effort to placate an outraged citizenry,” the New American claims. “The dumbed-down, Obama-backed national ‘education’ standards were preserved largely intact, just under a new name…For the sake of American children and the future of the nation, it is...

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9 Reasons Why the Wall Street Journal Got it Wrong on Common Core

Statement from Collaborative for Student Success Executive Director Karen Nussle: This week the Wall Street Journal published an extensive front page story that, at best, misrepresented the persistence of the Common Core, and at worst, was largely erroneous. In fact, the story was so inaccurate that we easily assembled a list of the nine most egregious...

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