Teachers’ Advice to Parents about Common Core Math Homework

It isn’t uncommon to see posts on social media from parents who are confused by what is happening in their child’s classroom, especially when it comes to math homework.

Common Core is often blamed for the unfamiliar math methods — but in fact, lots of these methods weren’t created by the Common Core, they are actually methods that experts agree are strong approaches to helping  kids to truly understand math concepts.

At a recent Fordham Institute event, teachers and education experts came together to discuss Common Core math and what parents should do to better understand what’s happening in the classroom and if they don’t understand their child’s math homework.

The answer across the board was to communicate with your child’s teacher to find out why your student is learning what they are learning and how it will help them in the long run. Be patient. Have faith that your child’s teacher is focused on helping your child become more fluent and comfortable with math, so as they move up to more challenging problems they have a strong foundation of understanding.

Check out the video below where panelists share their advice to parents about how to handle math homework:

There are many resources out there for parents to understand what kids are learning in the classroom – for example: BeALearningHero.org’s Skills Builder and Great Kids State Test Guide for Parents.

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