You Can’t Use Up Creativity

This year, we’ve shared quite a few examples of how teachers are being creative in the classroom. But teachers across the country are being so creative – and sharing their fun and exciting ways of helping students learn – that we thought they were worth highlighting again:

  • To engage her math students, California teacher Elizabeth Little showed them the practical side of math and used her state’s high standards to teach students to make a banana piano.
  • New York teacher Lauren Leigh Kelley uses hip hop in her literacy curriculum to connect the content to her student’s backgrounds and inspire them to write.
  • Rochester, New York’s Courtney Larkin found a creative way to help her students connect with real world application of math concepts, using ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.
  • Erica Mariola, a kindergarten teacher in New Orleans, used bowling to teach her students math and writing.

These examples prove that setting high academic standards do not get in the way of creative teaching. In many cases, having clearer expectations helps give teachers the room they need to implement creative ideas!

Have a great example of teacher creativity? Let us know!

We can’t wait to see what teachers come up with in 2017!

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