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Why the Incredibles 2 Trailer Was Groan-Worthy for Teachers

The Incredibles 2 trailer that has been making the rounds has sparked discussions about a seemingly new villain: math homework. “Math is math is MATH!” a frustrated Mr. Incredible yells when his son explains that his teacher said to use a different approach than what Mr. Incredible is familiar with. Many parents found the clip...

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Frustrated with Your Child’s Homework? Look to Your Local Teachers for Help

  Citing a confusing homework problem from the U.K., Romper columnist Becky Bracken claims that there are “plenty of good reasons to hate on standardized testing” and “‘Common Core’ federal testing standards. They make homework even harder for kids and their tired parents.” Only the United States uses Common Core – so it’s silly to...

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Parents and Common Core Math

Parents around the country have expressed trepidation about new math instruction they don’t recognize and rightful concern that they are unable to help their children with their homework. But, some parents have come to the realization that they want their children to be better and more confident at math than they were as students. In...

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