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Award-Winning Teachers Share Thoughts on Common Core

The National Network of State Teachers of the Year has created a series of videos interviewing award-winning teachers about their approaches in the classroom and their thoughts on the Common Core State Standards. The videos show each teacher’s unique methods and philosophies about learning, and how they personally use the Common Core State Standards to guide...

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Setting the Record Straight on Common Core and Algebra I

Recently parents and education columnists have raised concerns that Common Core State Standards’ call for “general” eighth-grade math classes instead of Algebra I will “restrain” the ambitions of students who want to reach the highest levels of high-school math. The change is “inscrutable,” Jay Mathews wrote in the Washington Post this week. Tom Loveless of...

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Changes to Eighth-Grade Math Don’t Mean Students Are Learning Less

Many schools are making changes to eighth-grade math, forcing families to “restrain their ambitions and delay algebra until high school,” which Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews calls “inscrutable.” “Parents who need a clear reason for restraining math acceleration in middle school are not getting it,” he adds, suggesting the progression of learning under Common Core...

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