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Success is Trending: High academic standards advancing equity in education

High academic standards are helping states level the playing field for all students, and results from assessments aligned with those standards show that we are making progress toward the goal of achieving equity in education. This is promising news. Trends in annual school system assessment scores have shown that significant gains are being made year...

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Taking Fear Out of the Equation

Many people across the U.S. freely admit they don’t feel comfortable with numbers and equations. Phrases like “I’m not a math person,” are flung around without caution. I used to say it myself. For generations, kids were encouraged to solve math problems as though it were a race. Follow a set procedure to get to the...

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Why the Incredibles 2 Trailer Was Groan-Worthy for Teachers

The Incredibles 2 trailer that has been making the rounds has sparked discussions about a seemingly new villain: math homework. “Math is math is MATH!” a frustrated Mr. Incredible yells when his son explains that his teacher said to use a different approach than what Mr. Incredible is familiar with. Many parents found the clip...

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New Math? Common Core Math?

Every few months, it seems that a new article circulates highlighting parent concerns about math. Their child brought home a worksheet with problem-solving methods that they haven’t seen before or the problems seem longer than the shortcuts that parents learned when they were in school – and they are rightfully frustrated. What’s important to remember...

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Interpreting PISA Results: ‘Keep the Faith’ in Higher Standards

  PISA results released this week reignited debate (which, for all intents and purposes, has been resolved) over states’ commitment to implementing rigorous, comparable education standards – even though most experts, and even many of the same critics, acknowledge it is a mistake to attribute blame or credit to any particular policy. The scores “confirm...

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What You Should Know About PISA and High Standards

If you’ve read any of the coverage of the PISA results released this week, you’d rightfully be concerned about the state of math education in this country and our global competitiveness. According to PISA, U.S. performance slipped by 11 percentage points in mathematics and the United States now ranks 31st among the 35 members of...

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